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Mindset Upgrade Protocol

Updated: May 31

Ever find yourself sabotaging your success? Did you hit your goal weight only to destroy your gains with a "celebration weekend", make a deal with yourself to get to bed at 9 every night and then once you start to feel well rested- ruin it with a night up until 2 am? This happens when you have hit the ceiling of your mindset, or gone beyond what you feel you deserve. All of us have hidden ideas about what it is we think we deserve, and if we go above that level, our subconscious will bring us back into its comfort zone. We learn these limits in childhood, or through traumatic events. Does that mean we're doomed to never be able to move past these limits, to achieve our highest goals? Not at all!

I have successfully upgraded my mindset multiple times and every time I upgrade my mindset, I have another 10X leap. It's mindset first, then outward or visible success. And vice versa, pushing for outward success without the right mindset is destined for failure. I've designed a Protocol for Mindset Upgrade, similar to my Pure Protocol for physical health. In fact, if you use the Mindset Protocol first, then the Pure Protocol is easier to stick to. What works for me may not work for you, so feel free to tweak the actual tactics but stick to the multi-faceted approach.

Raise Your HDL

The first step to mindset upgrade is to listen to (or actually read) the book Raise Your HDL: Healthy Deserve Level by Gary Kadi. This is foundational to understanding your limiting beliefs and giving tools to overcome them. I've listened to this book several times and always hear something new. It's great to listen to on the way to work, or while doing your Zone 2 cardio at the gym.

Get Hypnotized

Yes, I said hypnosis. Mary Lou Rodriguez is a master hypnotist that I met through my coaching program and she has powerful tools available for replacing limiting beliefs and subconscious reprogramming. She calls her technique Brain Training, and I think she's right on target with this. Visit her website as she has a free download, and more audio hypnosis files for purchase if it turns out you really love this training technique. I listen every night just before bed, it helps me get into a deep relaxed state and then to replace my old limiting beliefs with new empowered beliefs. It takes time and consistency, as with anything of value, but is very much worth it.

Get Accountable

Having an accountability partner who knows what you're working on and can check in with you weekly is very powerful. This can be your therapist or another non-emotionally involved person who agrees to ask how your progress is going. Are you reading the HDL book every day, or listening for at least 15-20 minutes per day every day? Are you doing your hypnosis audios every night, consistently? Telling another human why you didn't do your 'homework' can be embarrassing enough to help you do it even when you meet resistance. And you will meet resistance. The subconscious doesn't want to change, it's comfortable where you are right now. You will feel push back as you start to make the changes and integrate the new beliefs about what you deserve and what you are worthy of. But pushing through this resistance is where the magic lies, the new beliefs are just on the other side, and once you believe you deserve that ideal weight- somehow you are now able to manifest and maintain.

I received no payment for the above endorsements, this is what I use to break past barriers and hit my next level. I've done this protocol several times, over and over, and it works. You can use it too. For me I get results in 4-6 weeks. You may need 6 months, every brain is different. Just don't give up.

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