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Pure Protocol

Updated: May 31

I've been watching YouTube videos created by Bryan Johnson and his Blueprint project, and I realized that I've been following my own (less intense) version of what he's doing. His goal is to achieve anti-aging effects, using any means necessary, and to share his findings with the world. A lot of what he's doing is "extra credit" in that there are 4 core pillars for anti-aging and achieving optimal health. And the costs he's incurring pertain mostly to his "extra credit" activities and in measuring his data, as well as hiring the experts to manage the project. Bryan Johnson isn't a doctor, after all, he's following the advice of his expert team. You don't need to spend $2 million dollars to obtain his same results. Here is my Pure Protocol, which has 4 separate parts or protocols, and when used in combination like I have been for the past decade, has my health and stats same as when I was 17 years old.

Protocol 1: Sleep

Sleep is the first thing that needs to be fixed before you can see meaningful changes in your health. Everyone who is a MAAM Medical member should be sleeping on a Sleep 8 bed and making the lifestyle changes to achieve a 100 sleep score. I also like my members to wear either a Whoop strap or Oura ring to get data from their daytime habits and to make adjustments where needed, with the primary goal of optimizing sleep.

Protocol 2: Diet

Diet is more important than exercise, I've made videos on this and discussed this. You won't get results if you can't control what you're putting in your mouth, plain and simple. No sugar, no alcohol. If you're looking for anti-aging and peak health, you will need to follow a customized diet plan without exception. It's a commitment, it's not easy, but really it's a mindset change in that we don't have to follow our whims and desires, we can follow a plan that takes decisions (and failure) out of the equation. I have all my MAAM Medical members follow a meal plan that they have designed with their trainer or nutritionist, and stick to it.

Protocol 3: Exercise

Exercise is third in the order list, as sleep and diet are that much more important. But exercise is also critical. We evolved over the millennia to move, not to sit all day. Those who moved went out and gathered food, and if you just sat still all day you would starve. What type of exercise you do depends on your personal goals. If you are overweight and looking for weight loss, that will be a different exercise regimen than if you are at goal weight and looking to increase strength or cardiovascular capacity. The key here is movement every day. Every day. Set a step count for a minimum of 8000 per day and make it a game to hit that target. Most MAAM Medical members work with a personal trainer at least once a week if not more, and the trainer is able to continually modify the exercise regimen to fit the individual's needs.

Protocol 4: BHRT

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the 4th protocol as you can achieve incredible results if you follow the first 3 protocols, which don't need me or my hormone balancing expertise. But there is a whole other level to unlock when you couple the first 3 protocols with fully optimized hormone balance. This is where the real anti-aging comes in. This is where you get beyond feeling "great for your age" and instead feel absolutely amazing, much as you did in your mid-20's. We balance hormones to each individual person, taking into account your goals and using data to drive the results. Some people want to look younger, some want to feel younger, some just want it all. We do that here at MAAM Medical, we push for optimization, much as Bryan Johnson has been doing. He's on HRT, the last time I looked at his website he was on both testosterone and estrogen, customized to his unique needs. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is as unique to a person as their fingerprint and it cannot be done with a stock recipe, our protocol is to tailor the prescriptions and supplements to fit the individual and we get amazing results. You deserve to feel amazing!

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