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Stopped Losing Weight, Now What?

Updated: Jul 16

You've hit a plateau, that dreaded lull in your weight loss. What's going on? At first the weight just seemed to fall off. Then as time went on the loss seemed to slow down. And now the scale has not budged for the past couple of weeks. You're eating well, exercising, what's wrong? We hear this often enough to decide to write a post about it. There are usually one of a few things going on.

One cause may be that you are not on a high enough dose of GLP. Sure, the lower doses worked at first when the medication was new to your body, but our bodies adjust. It's just part of being alive. So if that's the case, then we typically advise increasing the dose of your medication.

Sometimes you've fallen off your eating plan just enough to stall the scale. When this is the problem we advise you to change your eating strategy. For example, if you were following Weight Watchers in the beginning, we may suggest you change to a lower carb diet for a while. Or try keto. The point is to mix it up, keep it fresh. Doing a new eating plan is easier than following the same old routine for some people. If you've tried varying your dietary approach and mixed up your workouts and still not getting results then we consider the next option.

Another reason the weight loss may have stopped is because you have reached the maximum benefit that we expect from the medication. From semaglutide we expect an average of 15% weight loss. From tirzepatide we expect an avearage of 20%. For example, a 200 pound man can expect to lose 30 pounds from semaglutide or 40 pounds from tirzepatide. If you've already dropped the 30 or 40 pounds we expected from the medication, then you may not continue to see weight loss. Remember these are averages so some people will lose less than this and some will lose more. But if you're in the range of about 15-20% loss, then that may be all we can expect from this class of medications.

Not sure which strategy is best for you, or want tips to work around these limitations and to get "better than average" results, call us for personalized advice.

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